Mercedes-Benz C300 Sport 2018 – It has a 2.0 Turbo engine of 245 hp and automatic gearbox with nine gears. It counts on the already cited items, plus leather sports seats, sports suspension, AMG 18-inch alloy wheels with darkened interior, 225/45 front tires and 245/40 R 18 rear, multimedia COMAND Online (internet, SD card, HD 10 GB, GPS, Bluetooth, USB, DVD), AMG Sport package, “Black Ash” wood finish. It has sport aluminum pedals and electric front seats with memory. Mercedes-Benz C300 Cabriolet 2018 – In addition to the above, the model features AMG 19-inch alloy wheels with darkened interior, 225/40 R19 tires at the front and 255/35 R19 rear, folding with automatic recoil, anti-overhead and bonnet system in fabric with electric drive.

The OC 300 Sport 2017 comes with AMG kit, sport suspension, AMG dark-alloy wheels, 18-inch alloy wheels, Night package and 2.0 Turbo engine with 245 hp and 35.5 kgfm. This option is also packed with the items mentioned above, with “Black Ash” wood finish, parking assistant, touchpad, electric front seats with memory, electric sunroof, aluminum pedals, sport leather seats, rearview mirrors with electric folding and Multimedia Comand Online (internet, SD, HD 10 GB, GPS, Bluetooth, USB, DVD). Physical controls for air conditioning, media, audio, driving modes, Start & Stop, screen activation and parking sensors are also present, but in fewer numbers than in the previous generation. Between the front seats, the luxury model features a split armrest that gives access to the central storage. At the rear, the space is medium and there are two air diffusers. In the Mercedes C180 / C250 Coupé and C300 Cabriolet, the space is well reduced, despite having the same platform. On the ceiling, yellow LED reading lights give a more stylish touch, as does the electric sunroof and darkened finish. On the C300 Cabriolet, there is the option of color for the hood. The trunk posusi 480 liters and a tire car cover amazon. Already in the Mercedes C Class Coupé 2018 are 400 liters and in the C300 Cabriolet only 285 liters.

Mercedes C300 2018 – consumption


Mercedes C300 2018 – 9.6 km / liter in gasoline

Mercedes C300 Cabriolet 2018 – 9.0 km / liter in gasoline


Mercedes-Benz C300 2018 – 13.6 km / liter in gasoline

Mercedes-Benz C300 Cabriolet 2018 – 13.0 km / liter in gasoline

Mercedes C-Class 2018 – technical data sheet


Mercedes C180 / C180 Estate



Type    Transverse Front, Turbo, Ethanol and Gasoline         Transverse front, Turbo and Petrol     Transverse front, Turbo and Petrol

Number of cylinders   4 online           4 online           4 online

Displacement in cm3   1595    1991    1991

Valves             16        16        16

Compression ratio       10.3: 1             9.8: 1   9.8: 1

Fuel Injection Direct Direct  Direct

Maximum Net Power (ABNT NBR 5484)     Petrol: 156 hp @ 5300 rpm / Ethanol: 156 hp @ 5300 (except Estate)             Petrol: 211 hp @ 5500 rpm     Petrol: 245 hp @ 5500 rpm

Maximum Torque Liquid (ABNT NBR 5484)           Gasoline: 25.5 kgfm @ 1250 rpm / Ethanol: 25.5 kgfm @ 1250 rpm (except Estate)     Gasoline: 35.7 kgfm @ 1200 rpm       Gasoline: 37.7 kgfm @ 1300 rpm


Type    Automatic 9-speed      Automatic 9-speed      Automatic 9-speed


Type    Rear     Rear     Rear


Type    Ventilated Disc / Disc             Ventilated Disc / Disc             Ventilated Disc / Disc


Type    Electrical         Electrical         Electrical


Forward          Armrests superimposed, independent with stabilizer bar       Armrests superimposed, independent with stabilizer bar        Armrests superimposed, independent with stabilizer bar

Rear     Multilink         Multilink         Multilink

Wheels and tires 

Wheels            Lightweight Alloy 17 inch      Lightweight Alloy 17 inch      Lightweight 18 inch hoop

Tires    225/45 R17 / 225/50 R17 (Estate)      225/50 R17     225/45 R18 (front) / 245/40 R18 (rear)


Overall length (mm)    4686/4702 (Estate)      4686    4686/4702 (Estate)

Width without mirrors (mm)   1810    1810    1810

Height (mm)    1442/1457 (Estate)      1442    1447

Distance between axes (mm) 2840    2840    2840


Luggage compartment (liters)             480/490 (Estate)          480      480

Tank (liters)     66        66        66

Payload with 5 passengers plus luggage (kg)             640/650 (Estate)          640      640

Weight in running order (kg) 1425/1500 (Estate)      1480    1530

Coefficient of aerodynamic penetration (Cx)             0.27 / 0.29 (Estate)      0.27     0.27


C300 Cabriolet

Type                Transverse front, Turbo and Petrol

Number of cylinders               4 online

Displacement in cm3               1991

Valves                         16

Compression ratio                   9.8: 1

Fuel Injection              Direct

Maximum Net Power  Petrol: 245 hp @ 5500 rpm

Maximum Torque Liquid        Gasoline: 37.7 kgfm @ 1300 rpm


Type                Automatic 9-speed


Type                Rear


Type                Ventilated Disc / Disc


Type                Electrical


Forward                      Armrests superimposed, independent with stabilizer bar

Rear                 Multilink

Wheels and tires 

Wheels                        Lightweight 19 inch hoop

Tires                225/40 R19 (front) / 255/35 R19 (rear)


Overall length (mm)                4686

Width without mirrors (mm)               1810

Height (mm)                1409

Distance between axes (mm)              2840


Luggage compartment (liters)                         285

Tank (liters)                 66

Payload with 5 passengers plus luggage (kg)                         480

Weight in running order (kg)              1690

Coefficient of aerodynamic penetration (Cx)                         0.31

Mercedes 2008 C300 Specifications and Capacities

The 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300 was a four-door Class C sedan that sat five people. It came with an air conditioning system that had a rear exit and driver and passenger airbags.


3.0-liter V6 engine from 2008 The C300 has four valves per cylinder, a double camshaft, variable valve timing, an 88 mm by 82.1 mm diameter and stroke and a compression ratio of 11.3 to 1. The engine it produces 228 horsepower at 6,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and 221 pound-feet. of torque at 2700 rpm. The car had a 17.4-liter fuel tank and has 18 miles per gallon in the city and 26 mpg on the highway.


The C300 has an anti-lock brake system with four brake discs, electronic assistance brake, traction control and stability control.


This sedan was 182.3 inches long, 69.7 inches wide and 56.3 inches tall. The load capacity was 12.4 cubic feet, and the interior volume was 88.2 cubic feet. There were 37.2 inches of height in the front and 36.9 inches in the back, with 41.7 inches of leg room in front and 33.4 inches of legroom in the back.

Exterior design:

The designers of Mercedes Benz define the new C300 Coupé as ” athletic, energetic and explosive “. The truth is that this new generation shows much more dynamic and sporty but without leaving aside the characteristic elegance of the brand. The width of the vehicle was accentuated by the flat rear light units with LED technology. There are four bands arranged horizontally that make the C300 Coupé much more seen. On the other hand, the shoulders are also highlighted through a much narrower rear pillar.


The dimensions of the vehicle are determined by a length of 4,686 mm, a width of 1,810 mm and a height of 1,405 mm. On the other hand, the colors in which it is offered also mark his personality. Among the standard paints are the Black and the Polar White, and in the bright ones with Obsidian Black, Iridium Silver, Brown Citrine, Cavansite Blue, Bright Blue, Diamond Silver and Selenite Gray.

Interior design:

Entering the interior of a Mercedes Benz is always entering a different place, where comfort and quality are present in every corner. It is a perfect combination of elegance and sportiness (present in every detail imposed by the AMG package). The Head Up Display projects information on the windshield so that we do not have to look away from the road. At the same time, the steering wheel offers multiple commands to operate the audio equipment, the on-board computer, the telephony, among others. On the other hand, a kind of joystick, close to the right hand, in the central part, allows us to handle different functions that we see in the central touch screen. The driving position is impeccable thanks to the multiple electrical adjustments of the seat: height and depth, leg support, recline, backrests. In addition, the steering wheel adjusts in extension and height, just like the headrest. Let’s go back a little to that sacred throne that is the driving position. There we feel that we really have everything under control. And this more than a matter of pleasure, it is also in terms of safety because it helps to avoid falling into distractions. The capacity of the trunk is 400 liters , it is outstanding for a vehicle of its characteristics, being able to calmly lodge a couple of suitcases; No doubt the absence of a spare wheel allowed him to gain space, but on the other hand not having it can give us a headache.


Classic and modern. This way we can perfectly define the instrument panel. On the one hand it exhibits two classic circular quadrants, on the left the speedometer (with the fuel level indicator) and on the right the revolution counter (with the engine temperature indicator: from 40 to 120 °). The latest technology appears in the center with a rectangular color display, high definition, which presents the information on what gear we are using and the graphics of the different systems and functions of the vehicle such as the parking attendant, the intelligent lighting system, the tire pressure indicator, the audio equipment, among other important ones. It is worth noting that it offers all the information that an on-board computer can provide such as partial and total mileage, autonomy, consumption, driving hours, average speed, outside temperature, among others In the center of the board, with a touch screen that looks like a true tablet, appears the Comand Online multimedia system, with CD / DVD, audio / video and Linguatronic speech recognition. It also incorporates Bluetooth, media interface and two USB ports. In turn, there is also deployed the complete navigation system. The model detects the presence of drops and through its rain sensor automatically activates the windscreen wipers. On the other hand, the exterior mirrors are heated, include electrical regulation and can be collapsed in the same way. They even have an automatic anti-glare function.


No need to remember that Mercedes Benz is a pioneer in terms of safety, which has developed hundreds of innovations throughout history to try to prevent accidents and if they happen, minimize injuries and consequences. Although this time we are talking about a sports coupe, it also brings everything. In active safety, we highlight the Electronic Stability Control (ESP) with Traction Control (ASR), and the Antilock Braking System (ABS) with the Brake Assist System (BAS). But undoubtedly, if we talk about an exclusive technology of the German brand, we must refer to the Adaptive Brake that integrates, the Help to Start on Slopes, the HOLD function, and the anticipated filling and function of dry brakes that act preventively when driving in the rain .

Engine, transmission and behavior:

Under the hood is one of the greatest virtues among many that has this model. A naphtero engine, 4-cylinder in line and 16 valves, with 1,991 cm3 of displacement, turbo, and chain distribution. This set allows you to deliver a power of 245 hp at 5,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 370 Nm between 1,300 and 4,000 rpm. If we compare it with two of its main rivals, it surpasses them by some horses: BMW 430i (252 CV) and Audi A5 Coupé 3.0 TFSI S-tronic (272 HP).

mercedes box engine

According to the official data of Mercedes Benz, this Class C300 reaches a maximum speed (limited) of 250 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6 seconds. Anyway, we test it with our own instruments and we even measure their consumptions that are quite moderate. In acceleration the Mercedes coupe reached 100 km / h in 6.67 seconds, a few tenths more than those stated by the brand, while the 1,000 meters did so in 26.74 seconds. In the tests of reprise of 80 to 120 km / h in Direct, 6.1 seconds were necessary. economical: at 100 km / h when the cuentavueltas was located at 2,050 rpm the fuel demand was 5.8 liters to travel 100 kilometers, while 130 km / h was 7.5 liters. In the city, consumption went up to 9.5 l / 100 km.


The engine works in partnership with a 7-speed automatic transmission 7Gtronic Plus, with torque converter and 5 driving modes (Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport + and Individual), which is controlled with the cams and with a small lever located at the right of the steering wheel. This box thoroughly expresses the benefits of the engine to perform accelerations, recoveries and overpasses with almost imperceptible travel passages, but also so that in certain situations the engine travels relaxed.


The low profile of the tires, which present different measures forward (225/45) and back (245/40), do not benefit you either to travel through our cities. That is why it is advisable to take special care when passing through bumpy areas, donkey loins or ditches. Even, for its low clearance to the ground, attention is recommended in some descents or in close proximity to the laces. It is that it is really prepared for another road reality like the Europe where the asphalts are even and there are practically no imperfections.

mercedesbenz c300

It is a large vehicle, powerful, with a capacity of acceleration and power difficult to contain. However, its curve behavior is impeccable because it faithfully copies the order that we print from the steering wheel and the vehicle always remains firm and stable. Also, remember that it has all kinds of electronic assistants to correct risk maneuvers and anticipate a collision possibility that can put at risk all the occupants. We thought that braking from 100 km / h to zero was going to be done in shorter distances, in our tests we got the best at 40.8 meters.


The model we evaluate for this note has a cost, in effect as of February 2018, of US $ 91,000. For this product, Mercedes Benz offers a two-year warranty with no mileage limit, which we consider to be limited considering the quality and price of this vehicle. In addition, cars of lower category offer three years.

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